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DotPigeon, an artist born in 1987, has carved a unique niche within the realm of digital painting, captivating audiences with his distinctive portrayal of a balaclava-clad burglar, or "balaclava/riot guy," set against the backdrop of lavish mansions adorned with artworks by renowned artists. His work, rich in cinematic quality, navigates the delicate balance between humor and disquiet, offering a profound commentary on the dichotomy between outward appearances and internal realities. Through the juxtaposition of the intruder amidst symbols of opulence and high art, DotPigeon crafts scenes that are at once darkly amusing and unsettling, prompting viewers to reflect on the complexities of personal identity and the facades we maintain. This thematic exploration challenges the viewer to consider the inner conflicts that arise from societal pressures to curate one's image, contrasting sharply with one's true feelings and experiences.
DotPigeon's influence extends beyond traditional galleries into the digital realm, where he has achieved considerable success with both physical and virtual exhibitions across Italy, Germany, the UK, China, and the USA. His participation in prestigious art fairs like Art Basel and ArtDubai, along with auctions by Christie’s and Sotheby's, underscores his prominence in the art world. Furthermore, his achievements in the NFT space, marked by several successful drops and a nomination among the top 100 influential creators and community leaders by NFTNow, highlight his innovative approach to art and technology.
DotPigeon's work stands as a compelling exploration of the intersections between digital culture, societal expectations, and personal identity, making him a significant figure in contemporary art.

  • Triumph Over Self

    (12th February - 17th March 2024)

    Plan X Milan

    Art Dubai 2023 - Dubai

    (1st March  -  5th March 2023)



    (2nd February 2022 - 5th March 2022)

    Plan X Milan

    Lost In Crypto

    (16th June - 6th July 2021)

    Plan X Milan

    My Dark Twisted Fantasy

    (6th March - 20th March 2021)

    Plan X Milan

    Cut, Copy, Paste

    (22nd May - 14th June 2020)

    Plan X Milan


    (3rd November - 3rd December 2018)

    Plan X Milan



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