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Plan X’s aim is once again to help its users navigate through this expansion with confidence, presenting the second all-crypto exhibition in the gallery’s history.
The group show presents artworks from 15 international artists: Tom Yoo, Blake Kathryn, Noealz, NoruPixels, DotPigeon, KidEight, Jenny Mjiang, Eirdis, Brittaisthebest, La+ch, Rociel art, Will Nichols, Cb Hoyo, Francesco de Molfetta e Stephy Fung.
The fear of missing out is sorted out by the curator, Talvir Thind’s decision to involve artists depicting almost every facet of the knowable. Everyone’s contribution is an investigation of the existing situation. Through unique styles and methods, the common denominator can be found in the pop and relatable language that characterizes Plan X’s research. Whether it’s an explicit critique of contemporary society, or a manipulation of technology in order to make the message easier for digital natives, the conversation that arises from each artist’s contribution refers to different hues of real life, resulting in a first set up of the metaverse’s coordinates.
Thus, for the second time are displayed the Gallery’s commitment and research towards the new potential of this medium, which are not only expressive, confirming their role as pioneers in the narration of this yet-to-be-told history of art. On the occasion of this exhibition, the gallery's mascot will also be presented: a token that can be used by its owners to have exclusive access to future Plan X’s projects and exhibitions.
Through FOMO’s shared effort we can exit the exhibition with the certainty of having gained a new and improved perspective on the crypto realm and, most importantly, without any fear of having missed out.



Tom Yoo - Blake Kathryn - Noealz - NoruPixels - DotPigeon - KidEight - Jenny Mjiang - Eirdis - Brittaisthebest - La+ch - Rociel art - Will Nichols - Cb Hoyo -Francesco de Molfetta - Stephyfung

Plan X Milan
2 February - 5 March 2022

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