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Plan X is pleased to present “Triumph Over Self” a group exhibition with works by Erik Foss, DotPigeon and Canyon Castator. The exhibition is a profound exploration into the essence of personal adversity, the journey of self-con- quest, and the indomitable spirit of humanity.
Inspired by the philosophical tenets of Friedrich Nietzsche, the exhibition’s title evokes a compelling invitation to view our personal trials not as impediments but as vital steps towards achieving self-mastery and living authentically. Nietzsche, famously advocated for the embrace of life’s struggles as a means to personal growth and self-overcoming. He posited that facing our limitations and engaging with our difficulties head-on can catalyze a transformative journey towards becoming who we are meant to be. “Triumph Over Self” encapsulates this philosophical challenge, offering a visual odyssey that reflects the saga of overcoming the self.
Erik Foss’s paintings delve into the visceral and often chaotic nature of the human psyche. His artwork, disrupting the conventional bounds of the figurative and the narrative, compels viewers to navigate the tumultuous internal landscapes that characterize our existence. Foss’s creative expression serves as a mirror to the internal strife and the transformative potential that resides within each individual.
Through a blend of dark humor and visually arresting scenes, DotPigeon's works invite us into a reflective space. Here, the contrast between the external image we curate for the world and our true, often tumultuous, internal landscapes is laid bare. This exploration is a mirror to Nietzsche's call for an authentic life, challenging us to confront the disparity between who we are and who we pretend to be.
Canyon Castator’s work offers a poignant reflection on the modern human condition, emphasizing the mental vulnerability inherent in today’s hyper-connected society. His paintings, infused with wit and insight, address themes of truth, perception, and the quest for significance, echoing Nietzsche’s contemplations on navigating the paradoxes of contemporary life.
“Triumph Over Self” it’s an invitation to engage with the profound questions of existence, authenticity, and the endless pursuit of self-knowledge. By presenting a narrative of victory over personal limitations this exhibition encourages us to confront our own struggles, to seek growth in adversity, and to ultimately find triumph in the journey of self-overcoming.



Erik Foss - DotPigeon - Canyon Castator

Plan X Milan
22 February - 17 March 2024

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