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For the 2023 edition of Art Dubai, Plan X gallery would like to present a duo exhibition titled "Inter-digital" featuring works by Alistair Canvin and DotPigeon. The inter-digital space is the one formed between the fingers, an ambiguous and indefinite space, but at the same time perfectly autonomous.
Inter-digital is also the practice of the artists presented in this exhibition, who work using digital tools to portray physical works in the space, and vice-versa or that take inspiration from their works in the digital realm.
Social constructs guide a curious creative direction balancing our fragile relationships with people, places, and things. Familiar textures and shapes recall shared memory and experience all with a sinister twist. With subversion at the heart of his practice, Alistair Canvin disrupts these photorealistic renderings with chaos; a disfiguring strike, or the slow decay of time. A process born of conflict and in search of truth.
DotPigeon instead, in his digital paintings, depicts cinematic scenes that are both darkly funny and deeply unsettling and his work powerfully explores the inner conflict between what we show to others versus what we really feel.



DotPigeon - Alistair Canvin - Cb Hoyo

ArtDubai 2023
3 March - 5 March 2023

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