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You can get lost. You can discover a new dimension.
The artist Lucio Fontana did it for the first time when, after World War II, he developed the artistic concept of the Fourth Dimension, transforming time, space and depth into fundamental pillars of his artworks.
No longer through canvases, but now through screens, digital artists create, build up and give rise to fictitious and imaginary realities that go beyond the concepts on which the art history has referred until now. Probably, without even realising it, we are facing a new and fascinating artistic movement: Crypto Art. In a world where the power of technology, digital and sharing platforms meet creativity, crypto artists give life to a series of unique artworks that open up to a new approach to the world, in which the immaterial meets the material. The art world is therefore opening up to an unknown, complex, and anonymous world built on parallel realities and imaginary characters. An unusual route, that not only allows the observer to escape from physical reality, but also to getting lost into it. A kind of perdition, the one of being “LOST IN CRYPTO", which is interpreted, in different ways, by ten of the world's best digital art artists, in the first and exclusive Crypto Show in Italy by Plan X Art Gallery
Without temporal, geographical or cultural limits, the ten exclusive artists selected for the show are Jam Sutton // Six N. Five // Skygolpe x Fabio Giampietro // Ondrej Zunka // Ted’s Little Dream // Steven Baltay //Josh Pierce // NessGraphics // BakaArts & DotPigeon, who for the first time becomes the curator of a show entirely dedicated to digital art.
Crypto Art makes its entry into the market when blockchain technology - based on digital databases - allows the first artists to be able to certify, track, encrypt and sell their works in NFT format. Non-fungible tokens are digital certificates of ownership, that are combined with a graphic representation, identified as the artwork itself. The process of exchange, sale and authentication is guaranteed by the dynamics of the blockchain. For the first time in Italy, Plan X Art Gallery presents an art exhibition entirely dedicated to works in digital format. All LED 55'' screens are supplied by Xiaomi, one of the event's biggest international partners in the tech sector.
A step towards the future, which at the same time focuses on bringing together the digital world and physical art in a single space where ephemeral and concrete first meet and then overlap.



Six N. Five - Jam Sutton - Steven Baltay - Josh Pierce - DotPigeon - BakaArts - Skygolpe x Fabio Giampietro - NessGraphics - Ted’s Little Dream - Ondrej Zunka

Plan X Milan
16 June - 6 July 2021

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