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Maïa Régis, born in 1995 in France, is an artist whose multicultural upbringing has profoundly shaped her creative expression. Growing up between the vibrant cultures of Cuba, Paris, and Sicily, Régis has seamlessly woven these diverse influences into a unique artistic tapestry. Graduating with a Master’s degree in painting from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2019, she has since based her work across Palermo, Paris, and London.
Régis' artistry is deeply imbued with the textures of her childhood memories, imbuing her work with a sense of nostalgia and emotional depth that transcends geographical boundaries. The cultural richness of her upbringing finds expression in her work, creating a dialogue between the past and the present, the personal and the universal.
Her studio, nestled within the historic walls of a palazzo in Palermo, sits just a stone's throw from Ballarò, the city's most dynamic street market. This proximity allows the vibrant chaos of the market to permeate her creative space, influencing her work with its bustling energy and the plethora of sights and sounds. This environment not only serves as a constant source of inspiration but also acts as a canvas where the external chaos of daily life meets the internal order of her creative process.
Régis utilizes a vast digital archive of images to construct her pieces, merging elements such as objects, edibles, flora, and human figures into a cohesive whole that reflects the tumultuous symphony of life. Her works are particularly noted for capturing the ephemeral moments of daily existence—the brief interludes and fleeting glimpses that punctuate our rapidly changing world.
Through her art, Régis invites viewers into a multilayered exploration of identity and belonging, crafting a visual language that speaks poignantly of memories, emotions, and life. Her unique blend of cultural references and personal experiences makes her work a distinctive reflection of a truly global perspective.

  • Carne Di Goya

    (31 August - 23 September 2023)

    Plan X Capri


Maïa Régis

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