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In a dialogue that transcends geographical boundaries, two artists invite us to contemplate the deep relationship between humans and nature, between rootedness and movement, between identity and discovery. “Terra Mia” is an exploration of territory, not just as a physical place but as a living fabric woven from memories, experiences, and dreams. Among the fields and orchards under the warm sun of Sicily, and beneath the vast, open skies of Denmark, stories of belonging and journey intertwine. In this setting, fruit becomes more than just nourishment; it is a symbol of deep roots and a connection to the land that sustains us.
Migratory birds, drawing ephemeral trajectories above our heads, evoke the essence of movement and return. Their wings tell us stories from afar, intertwining lands and cultures in flights that defy boundaries. “Terra Mia” celebrates the dualism inherent in the human experience: the desire for rootedness and the drive towards movement. It invites us to honor our deep roots while opening ourselves to the discovery of new worlds, finding in every step, in every flight, a part of our journey towards home. The exhibition encourages viewers to reflect on their own connections to the land, the tension between staying and moving, and the ways in which these forces shape our identities and our sense of place in the world.
Oliver Sundqvist, born in 1991 in Stockholm, is a sculptor who delves deep into the interplay of function and form, pushing the boundaries of materials and concepts to create innovative expressions in his art. Living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark, Sundqvist continues to evolve his distinctive style. His playful and often humorous approach serves as a lens through which he examines the social and psychological impacts of consumerism and pop culture. By challenging traditional artistic boundaries, Sundqvist’s work encourages viewers to question and rethink their perceptions of everyday objects and cultural norms, offering a fresh and thought-provoking perspective on contemporary society.
Maïa Régis, born in 1995 in France, is an artist whose multicultural upbringing has profoundly shaped her creative expression. Growing up amidst the vibrant cultures of Cuba, Paris, and Sicily, Régis has seamlessly woven these diverse influences into a unique artistic tapestry. Her artistry is deeply imbued with the textures of her childhood memories, infusing her work with a sense of nostalgia and emotional depth that transcends geographical boundaries. The cultural richness of her upbringing finds expression in her work, creating a dialogue between the past and the present, the personal and the universal. Régis utilizes a vast digital archive of images to construct her pieces, merging elements such as objects, edibles, flora, and human figures into a cohesive whole that reflects the tumultuous symphony of life.
“Terra Mia” at Plan X Milan invites viewers into a world where art becomes a medium for exploring the profound connections between people and the places they inhabit. Through the works of Sundqvist and Régis, the exhibition reveals how the landscapes of our memories and the territories of our experiences shape our identities, prompting us to reflect on our place within the larger tapestry of nature and culture. This exhibition is an invitation to find beauty in the familiar, to celebrate the richness of our roots, and to embrace the endless possibilities that come with each journey we undertake.



Maïa Régis - Oliver Sundqvist

Plan X Milan
20 June - 7 September 2024

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