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Within the timeworn walls of a historic palazzo in the heart of Palermo, Sicily, Régis has transformed this fascinating space into her studio. Located only steps away from Ballarò, Palermo's most vibrant and bustling street market, the constant flow of energy, sights, and sounds permeates her workspace. In this symbiotic relationship, the undeniable pulse of Palermo's street life inspires Régis, infusing her work with the chaos of the markets and the vivid imagery and emotional depth they invoke.
​Régis' creations spring from an extensive digital image archive, where she meticulously assembles compositions that blend objects, edibles, flora, and figures into a tumultuous symphony. Her artistic collages capture fleeting, 'in-between' moments of daily life - the brief pauses and quick glimpses that mark our existence in an ever-accelerating world. These snapshots, drawn from lived experience or borrowed sources, seize the essence of transitory moments and instill them with permanence.
In "Carne Di Goya", Régis delivers an intricate dance of colors, forms, and myriad cultural references, weaving together a modern-day tableau that resonates with contemporary life and age-old traditions. The exhibition’s title pays homage to Francisco Goya's vivid depictions of flesh, reimagining them in a new context that celebrates the every day and the exceptional. Her work is a testament to the human spirit's multitude of emotions and experiences, evoking a celebration of the diversity of life.
"Carne di Goya" playfully denotes a visceral odyssey that bridges epochs and delves into the very essence of our desires, vulnerabilities, and the relentless rhythms of our bodies and of life itself.

  • Maia Regis

    Maïa Régis (b. 1995, France) graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in the fall of 2019 with a Master’s degree in painting. Régis grew up in Paris and set up studio in London after graduating to begin working towards several exhibition opportunities.



Maïa Régis

Plan X Capri
31 August - 23 September 2023

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