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Kyler Garrison, a Brooklyn-based self-taught artist, utilizes airbrush techniques in mixed media paintings to explore the impact of our digital era on memory and perception. His work invites a critical examination of how online interactions and the incessant flow of information influence our understanding of reality, often leading to a distorted or fragmented recollection of the past.
Garrison's art probes the delicate interplay between memory, mortality, and the quest for meaning within the digital landscape. He investigates the malleability of memory, its susceptibility to alteration and loss, and its profound effect on our identities and belief systems. Additionally, Garrison delves into the role of religion as both a cultural and personal framework, scrutinizing its influence on memory and its function in providing solace and identity amidst the uncertainties of life and the inevitability of death.
Employing religious and nostalgic imagery, Garrison's paintings create an evocative atmosphere that prompts introspection about the complexities of the human condition in a post-internet world. His work stands as a reflective inquiry into how digital culture shapes our collective and individual experiences, urging viewers to ponder the authenticity and integrity of their own memories and beliefs.


Kyler Garrison

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