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Once again, at Art Dubai 2024, where we will unveil "Interconnected Isolations," a mesmerizing group exhibition delving into the intricate web of personal identity, collective consciousness, and the nuances of the contemporary environment. This exhibition proudly features artworks by Evgen Čopi Gorišek, Kevin Perkins, Pascal Mohlmann, Cb Hoyo, Ruben Einsmann, and Kyler Garrison. What distinguishes this exhibition is its innovative approach of seamlessly blending traditional artistic techniques with unconventional mediums.
By juxtaposing traditional media with unexpected materials, such as hand-painted skateboard decks created in collaboration with The Skateroom, "Interconnected Isolations" offers a fresh perspective on the intersection of art and material culture.



Pascal Möhlmann - CB Hoyo - Kyler Garrison - Evgen Čopi Gorišek - Kevin Perkins - Ruben Einsmann

1 March - 3 March 2024

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