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Kyler Garrison is a self-taught painter who resides and works in Brooklyn. His artistic practice involves creating mixed media paintings, which are characterized by heavy use of airbrush and soft, hazy medium.
In his upcoming exhibition, "Body of Armor", Garrison explores the biases and strategies that individuals develop as a means of protecting themselves from their fears and anxieties, as well as finding meaning in life.
The body of work delves into the intricate relationship between memory, religion, and mortality. Garrison aims to investigate the fragility of memory, including both traumas and triumphs, and how they shape our understanding of life, death, and spirituality. Memory plays a fundamental role in human experience, both personal and collective, and heavily influences our beliefs, identities, and actions. However, it is also subject to change and distortion, shaped by the passage of time and surrounding circumstances. Through his paintings, Garrison intends to explore how memory can be lost, reconstructed, or distorted in ways that challenge our understanding of reality. He invites viewers to reflect on the influence of their own memories through the visual language of his works. Religion is another prominent theme that runs throughout "Body of Armor."
Garrison acknowledges the cultural and spiritual phenomenon of religion in shaping memory and offering identity. It provides a framework for comprehending the mysteries of life and death and creates a sense of continuity amidst the uncertainty of death. However, like memory, religion is also subject to decay and change over time. The presence of this theme in Garrison's paintings is not necessarily a reflection of his spirituality but rather highlights the various ways in which people find meaning in their everyday lives. Through his paintings, Garrison confronts his own fears and anxieties sur- rounding mortality and explores the role that memory and religion play in shaping our perceptions of death. By examining the space between life and death, he seeks to find new ways of imagining what lies beyond. The artist hopes to encourage a deeper appreciation for the beauty and mystery of life by drawing attention to the fragility of memory, religion, and mortality. The visual language of his paintings creates an intimate and haunting environment, utilizing symbols and motifs of religious and nostalgic imagery. The untitled audio piece that accompanies the exhibition is an analog recording of an audio diary that explores the same themes in a different manner. The piece features occasional feedback loops of chords, communicating the theme of distorted memories, but the notes gradually become distorted and lost over time. It also includes audio recordings that Garrison has taken throughout the past year, a nod to the decay and constant change of memory in his personal life. The audio piece is intended to enhance the environment around the paintings and provide non-visual communication to highlight the exhibition's themes.



Kyler Garrison

Plan X Milan
22 April - 23 May 2023

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