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Helena Margrét Jónsdóttir, emerging from Reykjavík with a fine arts background from prestigious institutions, intertwines the realms of the digital and the tangible in her unique artistic practice. Graduating in 2019, Jónsdóttir’s work stands out for its insightful examination of modern life’s ordinary facets through the lens of digital culture and personal introspection.
Initiating her creative process with Photoshop, Jónsdóttir crafts collages that blend the surreal with the familiar, setting the stage for her transition to oil painting. This methodical shift from digital to physical mediums not only brings her compositions to life but also bridges the gap between the pixel and the pigment. This interplay invites a reconsideration of reality, as viewed through the prism of our increasingly digital existence. Jónsdóttir’s canvases serve as arenas where the personal becomes universal, utilizing everyday objects to navigate through the nuances of vulnerability and the comical sides of human nature.
Her introspective approach is a journey into the self, made relatable through the depiction of common items, thus echoing our shared experiences in a world teeming with both connection and solitude.
Her art vividly contrasts lifelike details with abstracted forms, creating a visual metaphor for the contemporary struggle to find balance and meaning amidst the barrage of societal and technological influences. This juxtaposition reflects on the fluidity of identity in the digital age, where personal and external perceptions often collide.
Helena Margrét Jónsdóttir's artistic exploration offers a nuanced reflection on the human experience, drawing on themes of digital integration, self-reflection, and the ephemeral nature of identity. Her work is a testament to the complex interplay between the world we navigate and the selves we construct within it, inviting viewers to engage with the art on a profoundly personal level.


Helena Margrèt Jònsdòttir

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