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Plan X is proud to present "Inner Tides", the last exhibition of the 2023 summer program at the Plan X Capri. Inner Tides features works by Helena Margret Jonsdottir, CB Hoyo and ChiaoHan Chueh. The ebb and flow of the ocean tides provide a compelling metaphor for the complexities and fluidity of human emotion, ambition, and self-understanding.

"Inner Tides", wants to explore the dynamic interplay of desires, fears, and the profound influence of cultural identity. Just as the sea is at the mercy of the moon’s pull, our inner worlds too, are shaped by unseen forces—our heritage, our upbringing, the societies we are part of. Channeling the ocean's relentless rhythms, the three painters immerse us in the complexities of emotion, ambition, and identity, tethered to the unyielding pull of cultural undercurrents. From the vibrant streets of Havana, CB Hoyo casts a playful yet piercing gaze on the ties between cultural commentary and personal experiences. His colorful palette and dripped letters belies a depth that resonates with the exhibition's theme, urging viewers to recognize the societal waves shaping our sense of authenticity and self. Hoyo's works act as buoyant life rafts, navigating the tempestuous waters of sociocultural commentary.

​In stark contrast, the paintings of ChiaoHan Chueh offer a daring exploration of femininity bound by the restrictive nets of conservative Taiwanese tradition. With each provocative portrayal, Chueh's women rise and fall like the tide, their forms challenging the viewer to confront societal norms and the variable balance between vulnerability and empowerment. Meanwhile, Reykjavík's Helena Margrét Jónsdóttir creates ripples with her juxtaposition of the surreal against the mundane. Her artwork, grounded in everyday objects, mirrors the ebb and flow of the inner self amidst external influences. Through Helena's lens, even the most commonplace items become vessels of introspection, asking us to reflect on our place amidst life's shifting sands.