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The interdigital space is the one formed between the fingers, an ambiguous and indefinite space, but at the same time perfectly autonomous.
Inter-digital is also the practice of all four artists presented in this exhibition, who work using digital tools to portray physical works into the space, and vice-versa.
Andrew Englander depicts his landscapes through dilated, unreal and metaphysical perspectives; starting from digital creations, his acid-colored paintings define perfectly recognizable but alienating sensations.
CB Hoyo uses the traditional symbolism of painting and writing to portray instant communication derived from social media; through text art he denounces the social contradictions that we find in everyday life.
Helena Margrét Jónsdóttir paints glitch moments in static and hyper-realistic situations; her subjects seem to melt in front of the monochrome backgrounds, leaving us in doubt as to which agent is responsible for this behavior.
Lastly Kalman Pool transports his digital sculptures into the real world, where thanks to the unnatural shapes and colors they assume a grotesque aura; his research, halfway between a bestiary and the illustrations of a biology textbook, analyzes a new natural history.
All the works presented underline the existence within the traditional plastic forms of a liquid meta-space. Same as the fingers of a hand that intersect with ours: a natural gesture that opens up new points of view - or new possibilities of representation.



Cb Hoyo - Andrew Englander - Helena Margrèt Jònsdòttir - Kalman Pool

Can Art Fair Ibiza
26 July - 30 July 2022

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