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Jake Clark (b. 1985, Melbourne) is a ceramic artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He studied Horticulture at the Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne, Australia. He is a self-taught artist and ceramicist inspired by his grandparent’s collection of pots and sculptures. Clark’s interest in art began at a young age, igniting a creative journey that would eventually turn into a full-fledged career. An early obsession with drawing ultimately led him to swap pencils for spray paint as a teenager, and adopt graffiti as his preferred medium; citing Keith Haring’s subway art as a major source of inspiration from when he was a child. After discovering the late artist’s large urns and ceramic pots – motivated by Haring’s ability to use almost anything as his canvas – Clark’s interests continued to evolve as he began working with clay in high school. Falling in love with the material due to its flexibility and potential to create 3-dimensional works, his focus transitioned to sculpture and painting. Furthermore, his obsession with iconography coupled with a degree in horticulture created the secret sauce that defines his trademark artistic style today. Clark’s inspiration comes from everyday visuals and the places he interacts with, whether it be hotels, the supermarket, a local health food shop, restaurant menus, street signs or advertisements.

  • Tutti Frutti

    (29 June - 19 September 2022)

    Plan X Capri


Jake Clark

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