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“Tutti Frutti” is the first group exhibition curated by Slovenian artist Evgen Copi Gorisek. Together with Gorisek, Plan X is pleased to show nine, technically various, ultra-contemporary positions.
“Be Different” could be understood as an introductory slogan afterwards. The American artist Travis Fish shows a - in the context of his practice - central motif. The hoodie as an icon in its own right at the center of the painting - bizarre, distorted and yet raised large - plays with the interface between art and the social as well as societal functions of fashion today.
Jake Clark’s work also plays with cultural icons of pop culture as well as the present. His richly colored ceramics form a kind of homage to brands, cultural institutions as well as food chains. They play with the symbolism and slickness of commercial culture as well as branding. His intentionally handmade style transforms them into a kind of relic.
Jess Valice’s work could be understood as a reaction to commercial excess. The artist conveys a cosmic melancholy. Visibly overtired or exhausted, respectively, the protagonist clings to his fishing route. Various parts of the face deformed and oversized depicted. His hand is bound with a bandage, his eyes undermined. Stylistically torn between past and present.
Heijin Yoo takes a multi-sensory approach to her practice. It is the gods of nature that seem to be at work here. Hands - bodiless, as well as reduced only to their contours - frame the action and suggest the fascination of articulation. They often represent personal memories from the life of the artist.
Probably the most important source of inspiration for Koichi Sato’s works are old American magazines. They function, much like Yoo’s narrative paintings, as memory artifacts. Sato’s paintings - inventive and fresh - are immediately recognizable by their cheerful motifs and dazzling patterns. Bright patches of color define his paintings. A raw yet amazingly attractive power convey unconditional joy to behold.
Leon Zuodar - founder of the Slovenian zine label Beli Sladoled, which focuses on experimental drawings - shows a large-scale painting of a marginal-looking profile.
Pablo Benzo’s works can be interpreted as fresh and contemporary interpretations of surrealism.
They are characterized by the construction of unreal situations in which indefinable places, distorted furniture, collections of interior objects mix with geometric shapes. The works are often characterized by the absence of a defined perspective.
Norbert Stefan’s practice, on the other hand, is based on the combination and interweaving of digital and analog processes, which profoundly, combine the history of painting, abstraction and digital movement. The artist develops - with the help of decalcomania - his color compositions until they reinforce themselves, as if by themselves.
Roby Dwi Antono’s works often show connections to pop-surealism as well as modern animation. The artist works mostly with soft colors that nevertheless evoke an eerie sense of ambiguity. The piercing gaze and dreamlike appearance of the figures is characteristic of the artist’s works. As part of the exhibition, Antono presents a special colorful drawing on paper.
The title of the exhibition tempts various associations. For example, I remember a terrible TV show from the 90s. It was the German version of the Italian erotic game show Colpo Grosso. Then, of course, the ice cream, or rather the flavor of various mixed fruits. Or probably one of the most formative songs for the development of Rock’n’Roll by Little Richard.
But even if mostly Tutti Frutti is understood as a kind of cocktail of mess, everything has a meaning. A wop bop a loo bop a lop bom bom - Little Richard
Written by Jan Fischer



Travis Fish - Jake Clark - Jess Valice - Hiejin Yoo - Koichi Sato - Leon Zoudar - Pablo Benzo - Norbert Stefan - Roby Dwi Antono

Plan X Milan
29 June - 19 September 2022

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