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ChiaoHan Chueh, born in 1989 in Taiwan, is an innovative artist whose work boldly navigates the complex landscape of femininity, agency, and societal norms. Currently based in Hamburg, Chueh's artistry manifests through vibrant and dynamic paintings that encapsulate women in various stages of liberation and constraint. Her subjects, depicted in sexually audacious poses with flamboyantly splayed limbs, extend beyond mere figuration to act as a profound critique of the conservative and patriarchal strictures prevalent in Taiwanese society. Despite Taiwan's progressive facade, exemplified by its democratically elected female president, Chueh's work underscores the enduring societal pressures on women, challenging viewers to reconsider notions of abjectness and autonomy.
Chueh's technique is marked by a deconstructed portrayal of the human form, where bodies are often sharply outlined, emphasizing a tension between vulnerability and strength. This stylistic choice serves not only to captivate but also to confront, making a compelling statement against the backdrop of her cultural commentary.
Her portfolio from the recent year explores themes of transition, memory, and emotional complexity. Chueh delves into the ambiguity of human interactions within societal contexts, often revisiting childhood memories to blur the lines between innocence and cruelty.
ChiaoHan Chueh's art stands as a multifaceted exploration of the female experience, masterfully employing color, form, and subject to navigate the delicate balance between personal agency and societal expectation. Through her paintings, Chueh invites viewers into a world where the personal is political, and the act of depiction itself becomes a form of resistance.

  • Inner Tides

    (7th October  -  31th October 2023)

    Plan X Capri


ChiaoHan Chueh

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