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Out of Line

CB Hoyo // Giampiero Romanò


28th December 2019

Giampero Romanò's restored and  deconstructed antique mirrors meet for the first time CB Hoyo’s “fake” paintings and his caustic reflections on modern society and the world of contemporary art. Two artists, two different ways of observing, mirroring, and reflecting today’s reality. Their styles merge into one, contaminate themselves, breaking the mold.

GIAMPIERO ROMANÒ, class ’73, forms his craft in his own workshop in Porta Venezia in Milan, between nails, hammers and paints, devoting himself for more than twenty years to the research and restoration of vintage-design pieces. The collaboration with TOILETPAPER Magazine by Maurizio Cattelan brings Romanò and his works under the international spotlight, with his pieces shown in exhibitions at Galerie Perrotin in Paris and Hong Kong. Ironic, visionary and gifted with great craftsmanship, Giampiero gives voice to his ideas and inspirations, creating an alternative universe made of mirrors - disassembled, reassembled, cut, sewn, lighted, riddled - which perhaps embody his search for an identity, or perhaps they are simply the result of his creative need.

CB HOYO was born in 1995 in Havana and, after spending his childhood and adolescence in the Dominican Republic, now lives in Europe. As a self-taught artist, since he was a child, he began to interpret the world through his paintings. In an era shaped by social media and fake news, and where artistic authenticity is highly questionable, CB aims to create awareness of the falsity of contemporary society, pointing out that art should be a way to express themselves, to have fun and bring joy. Through his works, he celebrates life in a fresh, colorful and fun way, mixing trends, means, and media with his unique voice.


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