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This project, the first collaboration ever between Evgen Copi Gorisek and CB Hoyo is a research on today’s human condition and everyday life.
The two decided to document, through a series of polaroids and 35mm pictures, a trip together around Europe to analyze the various aspects of everyday life. This material has been then used as an inspiration to create the works on canvas for this project.
The different approaches, figurative by Evgen Copi Gorisek and textual by CB Hoyo, are the key that creates the dialogue between the two artists in a game of juxtapositions and divergences. Each artwork has its own identity but combined they create a bigger meaning completing each other, taking the viewer on a journey through the spectacle of life.
The paper wall proposed for the booth is a pixelated pattern of the polaroids taken by the artists during their trips.



Cb Hoyo - Evgen Copi Gorisek

Untitled Art Miami
29 November - 3 December 2022

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