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Following the resounding success of the past edition of the show held in Milan in 2022, Tutti Frutti 2, cureted by Evgen Čopi Gorišek brings together a diverse group of talented artists including Ryan Travis Christian, En Iwamura, Christian Rex van Minnen, Tyrrell Winston, Liam Fallon, Callum Eaton, CB Hoyo, Ry David Bradley, and Alexander James. Tutti Frutti derives its inspiration from the famous Italian dessert known as macedonia. Similar to the delightful combination of various fruits in a bowl of macedonia, this exhibition aims to present a harmonious fusion of diverse artistic styles, techniques, and mediums. The underlying concept of the exhibition is the celebration of diversity within the realm of art.
Evgen Čopi Gorišek envisions Tutti Frutti as an immersive experience that serves as a platform to honor and embrace the multitude of artistic expressions. The exhibition deliberately sets no specific rules or restrictions, providing each participating artist with complete freedom to explore their own creative journey. This approach allows the artists to tap into their individuality and unlock their boundless imaginations, resulting in a showcase of unique and extraordinary artworks.
By embracing diversity, Tutti Frutti becomes more than just a collection of artworks; it becomes a testament to the limitless possibilities that emerge when artists express themselves authentically. The exhibition invites visitors to engage with a rich tapestry of artistic visions, challenging conventional norms and encouraging viewers to expand their perspectives on what art can be. Through the celebration of diversity, Tutti Frutti not only showcases the vast range of artistic expressions but also highlights the power of inclusivity within the art world. By acknowledging and embracing artists' individuality, the exhibition encourages a broader understanding and appreciation of different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. It emphasizes that diversity is not only to be acknowledged but also celebrated as a vital force that drives creativity and enriches the artistic landscape.
In essence, Tutti Frutti serves as a reminder that the beauty of art lies in its ability to transcend boundaries, blur distinctions, and unite people through the universal language of creativity. It encourages visitors to immerse themselves in an experience that is vibrant, dynamic, and full of surprises, ultimately fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diverse tapestry of artistic expressions that exist within our world.

  • Ryan Travis Christian

    Ryan Travis Christian (b.1983, Oakland, CA) is an American Postwar and Contemporary artist based in Chicago, Illinois. He is known for his monochromatic illustrations of anthropomorphic figures in narratives that speak to life’s absurdity. His work tends to reflect on a vast array of topics and imagery; the environment, the world’s economy, violence, gender, and class.

    En Iwamura

    En Iwamura was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1988. Under the influence of both parents who are painter, he grew up in artistic environment. After graduate the BFA in craft at the Kanazawa collage of Art and Craft, he began to be interested in international Art world. he considers that the ceramic has the potential of being one of the international languages, which can cross the different cultures, people and countries.

    Christian Rex van Minnen

    Christian Rex van Minnen is an American contemporary artist known for his distinctive and surrealistic style. Born in 1980 in Providence, Rhode Island, van Minnen grew up in Colorado and developed a passion for art from an early age.

    His artwork often features vividly rendered, fantastical subjects that elicit both attraction and repulsion, exploring themes of life, absurdity, and power. 

    Tyrrell Winston

    California-born artist Tyrrell Winston’s artwork is a result of years of collecting, organizing, and reconfiguring discarded objects. Winston has obsessively collected found objects from the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, as a public service, examination of, and fascination with the permanent energy left behind within the objects. Winston’s work also revolves around drawing parallels in the absurdity between symbolism of contrasting objects.

    Liam Fallon

    Liam Fallon (b. 1995) was born In Stoke on Trent and now lives and works in Manchester. In his practice, he focuses on the exploration of queer culture and the way that materials contribute into this exploration. The binary of private and public marks a particular point of interest for Fallon, more recently looking into the familiar relationship framework of falling in love and suffering loss, occurrences that are at once unfolding in the public realm, whilst at the same time remaining an enigmatically private affair.

    Callum Eaton

    Callum Eaton (b. 1997, Bath, UK), lives and works in Bath. He is a contemporary British painter whose practice is centred around photorealistic renderings of the unnoticeable objects that clutter our everyday lives. Tacky and charming, gritty yet playful, he approaches his work with a tongue in cheek flair.

    CB Hoyo

    CB Hoyo (Havana, 1995) addresses topics that are usually thought of by many but spoken by a few: social media impact, consumerism, moral values, the human condition.

    Ry David Bradley 

    Ry David Bradley (b. 1979, Australia) graduated with an MFA from Melbourne University in 2013. Bradley is known as one of the artists at the forefront of new artistic theories and practices exploring the impact of digital technologies on contemporary art and society.

    Alexander James

    Alexander James (b. 1993, UK), is a London based artist working with acrylics, textiles and stitch. The semi-abstract figures and places James depicts reference moments in everyday life; conversations, films and even songs, rendered with a characteristic palette of juxtaposing soft blue hues and electric pinks.



Ryan Travis Christian - En Iwamura - Christian Rex van Minnen - Tyrrell Winston - Liam Fallon - Callum Eaton - CB Hoyo - Ry David Bradley - Alexander James

Plan X Capri
10 July - 26 August 2023

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