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Plan X Gallery is proud to present “The Color Of Love”, the first Italian solo exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Calvin Clausell Jr.
With his powerful portraits, Clausell Jr. talks about the world around himself taking inspiration from the personal stories behind each person he depicts, some of these stories are about love, the desire to shine, and how sometimes we hurt ourselves in the process, some others about the challenges of being a Black man in America. The title of the exhibition “The Color of Love” wants to highlight the African American culture which has been praised, but looked down upon as lesser at the same time, Clausell says: “My goal intention is to uplift and change the narrative, to see us as Love, as Art”. All of Clausell’s paintings are in- spired by his photography and the beauty he captures during his artistic journey.



Calvin Clausell Jr

Plan X Capri
2 July - 28 July 2022

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