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The exhibition "The Anatomy of Conflict” features a collection of powerful and evocative paintings created by the American artist, Kevin Perkins. Each artwork depicts non-definite figures engaged in intense battles with one another, which are a representation of the inner conflicts that each of us has.
The raw canvases lend a gritty and unpolished feel to the pieces, which only adds to the intensity of the subjects. The acrylics and charcoal blend seamlessly, creating deep and dark shadows that highlight the figures' muscular movements and expressions of pain and anguish. The use of non-definite figures is a powerful statement about the universality of inner battles. By stripping the figures of any specific identity, the artist is able to convey the message that we all struggle with these inner demons, regardless of our background or social status.
In each painting, the figures are depicted in various stages of combat, grappling with one another in a desperate struggle for dominance. The scenes are chaotic and frenzied, with the figures' limbs and bodies twisting and contorting in a way that perfectly captures the tumultuous nature of inner conflict. Despite the violence and chaos depicted in each piece, there is also a sense of beauty and grace in the movement of the figures. The artist's use of color and light creates a stunning visual contrast to the dark and moody subject matter, adding depth and complexity to each work.
Perkins has created a universal and relatable portrayal of the human experience. Through the use of raw canvases, acrylics, and charcoal, Perkins has captured the raw emotion and intensity of these inner battles, making them visible and tangible to the viewer.
The exhibition prompts us to reflect on our own inner struggles and confront the complex emotions that we often try to suppress or hide. The chaotic scenes of combat serve as a reminder that these battles can be fierce and overwhelming, but also that there is beauty and strength in the struggle.



Kevin Perkins

Plan X Capri
7 April - 1 May 2023

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