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"Strokes and Stills" presents a captivating dual exhibition featuring the works of David von Bahr and K. T. Kobel, inviting viewers on a journey that bridges the gap between visceral intuition and calculated cinema.
With a thoughtfully structured presentation, this exhibition explores the artists' unique approaches to their mediums, celebrates the power of narratives, and highlights the intriguing contrast between von Bahr's spontaneous strokes and Kobel's cinematic precision.
David von Bahr's section of the exhibition serves as a stage for spontaneity, rawness, and improvisation.
The showcase highlights his abstract works, characterized by vibrant color blocks and scattered brushstrokes meticulously organized into intuitive frameworks. Each piece tells a story of efficiency and satisfaction, reflecting the artist's uninhibited and direct encounter with the canvas. Von Bahr's creations invite viewers to immerse themselves in the energy of his artistic process and experience the vibrant spontaneity that permeates his work.
In stark contrast, K. T. Kobel's section immerses visitors in the enigmatic narratives of Italian cinema.
Drawing inspiration from the thrilling aesthetics of Giallo, Kobel's works come to life through dramatic lighting, dynamic compositions, and intimate close-ups that capture the essence of hands in action. By skillfully blending cinematic techniques and fine art, Kobel's creations not only echo the suspense and allure of the genre but also push the boundaries of reality and imagination. The paintings evoke a sense of familiarity tinged with otherness, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own imagination and engage with the captivating world of Kobel's cinematic vision.
Through the dualities presented in "Strokes and Stills," viewers are encouraged to contemplate the interplay between intuition and calculation, spontaneity and precision, abstraction and narrative. This exhibition not only showcases the artistic prowess of both David von Bahr and K. T. Kobel but also provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the harmonious yet contrasting perspectives they bring to their respective mediums.



David Von Bahr - K.T. Kobel

Plan X Milan
16 June - 16 July 2023

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