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Plan X is proud to present “Reflections” by Calvin Clausell Jr., the artist second solo exhibition in Italy. Clausell Jr., a self-taught artist from Los Angeles, began his artistic journey with charcoal and graphite, refining his skills by observing human expression. Inspired by Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” he ventured into oil painting, which has since become his true passion. Transitioning to oil in 2016, Clausell Jr. has continuously explored new ideas and techniques, delving into his own identity and cultural heritage. His creative process involves capturing subjects through photography and transforming them into large-scale realist oil paintings on wood.
Drawing inspiration from the complex nature of reflection, Clausell Jr. delves into its literal and metaphorical realms with unparalleled depth and sophistication.
Reflection, both as a concept and as a physical phenomenon, holds a profound significance in human experience. At its most fundamental level, reflection is a phenomenon of light, where rays bounce off a surface and return to the observer’s eye, allowing us to perceive the world around us. This literal reflection forms the basis of our visual perception, shaping the way we interpret and interact with our surroundings. Metaphorically, reflection takes on a deeper significance, symbolizing a process of contemplation and introspection. It is a mental mirror through which we examine our thoughts, feelings, and actions, seeking to understand ourselves and our place in the world. Like light bouncing off a surface, our experiences reverberate within us, shaping our beliefs, values, and identities.
Highlighting fluidity and movement, each piece in “Reflections” is a testament to the duality of existence. Through symbolic imagery and the use of reflective materials, these paintings embody the essence of what it means to reflect, both literally and metaphorically.
All the pieces in are inspired by artist’s personal experiences and moments of introspection. These moments include instances of facing resistance while pursuing dreams, finding breakthroughs amidst adversity, embracing one’s authenticity in the face of societal expectations, and undergoing continual growth and evolution. The choice of reflective materials covering the faces serves as a bridge, connecting artist and viewer in a shared journey of self-discovery, also symbolizing the universality of experiences and challenges we encounter throughout life. From breaking free of resistance to blooming into a higher version of oneself, “Reflections” celebrates the interconnectedness of our emotional fabrics.



Calvin Clausell Jr.

Plan X Milan
24 May - 17 June 2024

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