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Continuing an avant-gardist research path, oriented towards the latest contemporary developments, Plan X art gallery presents the German artist Julius Hofmann for the first time in a solo show in Italy.
Purple Haze is a celebration of the pictorial medium through the narration of possibilities. The scenarios represented by Hofmann are liminal, they seem overseas, but with clear references to European culture, underlining the universal potential of pictorial language. This potential is best highlighted by the palette used by the artist: simple and dark, if not for shades of purple halfway between Veri Peri and Digital Lavender, colors that are increasingly going to characterize the metaphysical scenarios of the internet aesthetic at ports of the Web 3.0.
Hofmann’s works are clearly influenced by the computer graphics of last century’s latest years. The subjects, borrowed especially from the metaphysics of digital worlds, arise from compositions of elementary forms that return strong visual references to the aesthetics of post-internet and gaming art. Beyond his more traditional training, Hofmann is a multimedia artist who has started experimenting with native digital practices in recent years and despite this, it is the digital that influences his painting and not the other way around.
As said earlier, even his landscapes, like the colors and aesthetics, are universal. Even the works that have clear references to the European culture, such as Mea Culpa, Italo and Fraü Mit Kätzchen, where respectively are references to religion, clubbing and traditional compositions of classical and Renaissance Italian painting, speak to a broader audience. As well as Wip N.n, Wip Mitgutsch and Erase seem to describe scenes more typical of North American culture, have become part of Western culture on a large scale.
The leitmotif of all the author’s works is therefore the narration of scenes of everyday life that indeed speak to a wide-ranging audience and open a discussion on our habits, on the contemporary world that we often live distractedly as represented in Lurking Teen.



Julius Hofmann

Plan X Milan
29 April - 18 May 2022

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