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Sarzynski approaches the world with the same irony with which Jerry Saltz defined being an artist: not as a job, but as a condition. His works are the result of his perception of the world around him, through the filter of his experience and education. As a narrator of contemporaneity, Sarzynski leaves it to the image to present a set of genre and everyday life scenes, that make the message universal and immediate. Distancing himself from the pretense of a political narrative, at times so radical and barely superficial, the eye is guided by iconographies present basically in each of our cultural baggage. Characters taken from video games, cartoons, memes, or famous paintings populate scenes that also recall Brutalist architecture, all appreciated for their honesty and simplicity. Displayed in the gallery are works characteriZED by intense use of color and an extremely personal and raw painting technique. In his creative process, images are created as in a game of logic, in perfect balance between thought and emotion. The candor that distinguishes Sarzynski's creations can also be seen in his gestures: in the pursuit of straightforwardness, details that could be considered imperfect such as dripping color, here come alive with earnestness.
The artist, who tries to send a message that is as direct and accessible as possible, nonetheless encourages the debate that can arise from political sub-meanings, dark images and the cultural background of the observer. Or, as he says of himself: “I am just a Polish guy trying to have fun with painting. It is easy for me to hide my intentions behind a known images that may at first glance seem obvious, but might be something more than that”.



Mateusz Sarzynski

Plan X Milan
26 January - 18 February 2023

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