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Plan X is thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition “Eternal Echoes,” showcasing the work of Ruben Einsmann, a contemporary artist who masterfully blends ancient fresco techniques with modern themes, creating a unique fusion that resonates across time.
“Eternal Echoes” delves into the timeless dialogue between the ancient and the contemporary, with Einsmann drawing upon themes, myths, symbols, and artistic techniques from antiquity to explore universal issues such as identity, memory, power, and human nature. His art serves as a bridge between epochs, demonstrating how the past continues to influence and shape our present. Einsmann’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in the rich historical textures of his birthplace, Hamburg, and his current base, Leipzig. Early experiences exploring abandoned urban spaces and practicing graffiti have profoundly influenced his aesthetic, drawing him to the textures and stories of decay and regeneration, integrating aged patinas and historical echoes into his contemporary works.
His academic background at the Free Arts School in Braunschweig, under mentors like Norbert Bisky and Thomas Virnich, has deeply informed his practice, with immersion in classical art—from the structural rigor of Roman architecture to the emotional depth of Greek sculptures—honing his technical skills and instilling a profound respect for the enduring beauty and relevance of ancient art forms.
“Eternal Echoes” features a series of Einsmann’s contemporary frescoes, each piece a testament to his ability to blend traditional techniques with modern themes, including several large-scale works that evoke the texture and patina of ancient frescoes while incorporating contemporary elements. Ruben Einsmann’s works are a profound exploration of the dualities inherent in human experience, merging the ancient and the modern, the sacred and the profane, inviting viewers into a rich dialogue that spans centuries.
At the heart of Einsmann’s work is a deep respect for the classical principles of harmony, proportion, and emotive expression, principles that have transcended time and are given new life in his frescoes. By integrating elements from the classical world with contemporary forms and materials, Einsmann creates a visual dialogue that speaks to both historical and modern sensibilities, reflecting on contemporary societal issues such as identity, power dynamics, and cultural memory, while also delving into personal narratives and emotions. The juxtaposition of ancient themes with modern imagery serves to highlight the continuity and evolution of human expression, inviting viewers to reconsider the relevance of classical themes in the context of contemporary life, challenging us to see the connections between past and present, encouraging a deeper understanding of how historical narratives shape and inform our current realities.



Ruben Einsmann

Plan X Capri
5 July - 1 September 2024

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