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Born in 1994 in Slovenia, Čopi Gorišek first came into contact with the art world at the age of 16 when he was immediately fascinated by a Pop Art exhibition. What in particularly attracted his attention were the strong colors, the subliminal messages and the ability of images to convey a message that is not just considered elitist, but that can be also easily understood by the masses. All these elements, will be elaborated by the artist during his training and artistic caree, analysing, elaborating and transforming them until they become constitutive and fundamental elements of his paintings.
His artworks are created through the use of spray paint, oil pastels and acrylics; all techniques that allow Gorišek to create through a great technical precision, a perfect 3D effect imaginary landscape.
To enrich his complex stylistic reality there is an incessant analysis of the human to be perceived as an integral part of a society that on the one hand makes him a slave and on the other leads him to rebellion.
In the magic of the new and charming location of Plan X Art Gallery in Capri, this new series of artworks is dedicated to the concept of the Italian Dolce Vita. Exactly as Federico Fellini portraits in 1960 in his historical film "La Dolce Vita", this philosophical concept of perceiving reality has to be perceived as the fifth essence of the Italian art of living, the common thread between pleasure and beauty. Evgen Copi Gorisek has been inspired by this ideal to pay homage to the female figure, always portrayed with non-defined or blurred faces, focusing on her forms, colors and on the behavior she assumes. A series of paintings built on the one hand on the need to portray images of everyday life, while on the other by the desire itself, just as the Dolce Vita teaches, to take distance from all aesthetic and social canons, taking distance from a life made of possessions and expectations.



Evgen Čopi Gorišek

Plan X Capri

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