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"Daddy, what was real life like?" is the title of Thomas Webb's (b. Ashford, UK, 1991) first Italian solo exhibition, through which the artist shares his vision of the future. The question that gives the title to the exhibition is the one that the artist imagines one day future generations, completely immersed in technology and virtual reality, will ask their parents.
Following his vision of a world in which physical and digital realities will be increasingly connected, Webb has produced his new series of digital mirrors and "infinity mirrors" some of which are capable of collecting data and updating themselves automatically continuously. Webb's interactive artworks allow the viewer to be catapulted into a futuristic dimension, making them the main subject of the artwork. These works randomly display various contrasting visions on a multitude of themes, allowing viewers to choose a version that best reflects their current opinion or mood and capture it before is gone, forcing us to reflect on the influence new media and technology have put us under.
These very advancements, having on the one hand allowed us to be more connected, accepted and open are simultaneously making us more alienated, insecure and anxious. Ultimately, the artist's work aims to make the viewer question his or her actual freedom of choice and thought in a world controlled by the media and corporations.



Thomas Webb

Plan X Milan
22th September - 16th October 2021

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