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Plan X is thrilled to present “Another Sunset Goes By” the first solo exhibition by Adriana Oliver in Italy.
Born in 1990, Oliver has rapidly emerged in the contemporary art scene, known for her enchanting portraits that blend cinematic inspiration from the 1950s and ’60s with a unique artistic vision.
Starting her journey in photography, Oliver transitioned to painting, where she discovered the ability to tell nuanced stories through the medium. Her signature style, characterized by muted color blocks and bold black outlines, forms faceless figures that represent archetypical masculinities and femininities. In a world increasingly focused on individual identity, Oliver makes a deliberate choice to omit distinct facial features from her characters. This absence highlights the universality of human emotions, her characters are not defined by nationality, age, or history but rather embody shared human experiences of love, heartbreak, happiness, and fear, reminding us of our interconnectedness through emotion.
Through “Another Sunset Goes By” Oliver explores the theme of reflection not just as a mental act but as an existential stance. Each painting becomes a portal, inviting the viewer to step into a realm where time slows, and the boundaries between the observer and the observed blur. These paintings are like milestones marking the varied phases of personal evolution that many encounter on their paths toward self-discovery. They capture those pivotal instances when individuals find themselves at life’s crossroads, moments of introspection that compel them to reassess their values, dreams, and the very essence of their being.
Oliver portrays the silent, introspective pauses where individuals confront their deepest fears and highest hopes. In these moments of solitude, viewers see themselves standing at the precipice of change, contemplating the lessons learned from past experiences while facing the vast, uncharted territories of the future. It is an invitation to acknowledge and celebrate the present moment, with all its imperfections and beauty.
These paintings encourage us to live fully in the ‘here and now,’ to appreciate the fleeting nature of time, and to cherish the memories that have shaped us. They remind us that every moment is a new opportunity to choose who we want to be and how we want to navigate the complexities of life.
The figures portrayed, faceless yet deeply familiar, stand as symbols of the strength that lies in vulnerability and the growth that comes from embracing our authentic selves. Oliver’s depictions of these universal experiences act as a beacon of hope, urging viewers to face the future with courage, armed with the wisdom gleaned from their journeys of self-discovery. Her work is a celebration of life’s journey, with all its ebbs and flows, and a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit.



Adriana Oliver

Plan X Milan
16 April - 19 May 2024

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