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In his digital paintings, DotPigeon (born 1987) renders a balaclava-clad burglar, or “balaclava/riot guy,” in opulent mansions hung with blue-chip works by famous artists such as Damien Hirst, Kaws, Yoshitomo Nara, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.
The cinematic scenes are both darkly funny and deeply unsettling and his work powerfully explores the inner conflict between what we show to others versus what we really feel.

DotPigeon started making art in 2017 while he was working as an advertising executive.
He has since found success in both galleries and digital sphere, with physical group and solo shows in Italy, Germany, and USA and several drops on NiftyGateway. He participated at Art Basel and his work has been auctioned by Christie’s.

In his works houses represent the shell, the exterior part. Our better face, the well ironed dress, the one we show to others. These houses are well-finished, perfect and visually fulfilling. Their gardens are always green, their floors always polished and their surfaces flawless. It never rains out there. It is In these so perfect scenarios that our true nature - hidden and repressed - lives.
Evidently its look is in conflict with those houses.

A continuous glitch in our system is underway. While we’re mowing the lawn, cleaning the floor and we’re worried about making these houses so perfect, our real soul looses control, takes control, it destroys, it ravages, it sets everything on fire. Sometimes, however, it indifferently looks what is going on, other times it just does nothing. It’s our interior conflict. We all have a rioter inside those walls.





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