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Chelsea Seltzer was born in Illinois and currently lives and works in New York City. She received her BFA from Cornell University.
Seltzer, the visionary artist behind these surreal landscapes, possesses an unparalleled talent for transporting viewers to ethereal realms where imagi- nation reigns supreme. With each stroke of her brush, Seltzer conjures worlds that defy logic and beckon the observer into a realm where reality and fantasy dance in harmony.
In Seltzer’s captivating canvases, viewers find themselves traversing through portals to alternate dimensions, where the laws of physics yield to the whims of the subconscious. Her mastery of color, imbued with hues that seem to pulsate with life, draws the eye deeper into the scene, inviting exploration and contemplation.
It is through her deft manipulation of light and composition that Seltzer cre- ates an atmosphere of otherworldly enchantment. Shadows dance playfully across her landscapes, casting doubt upon the solidity of the forms they con- ceal, while bursts of luminosity illuminate hidden corners, teasing the imagi- nation with glimpses of the unknown.
Indeed, to engage with a Seltzer painting is to embark on a journey of disco- very, venturing into uncharted territories of the mind where the boundaries between perception and reality blur. Her landscapes challenge the viewer to question their preconceived notions of the world, nudging them towards a deeper understanding of the fluid nature of existence.


Chelsea Seltzer

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