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Born in Seoul in 1993, Ppuri has graduated from Chung-Ang University's Department of Western Painting.Starting with the group show in 2015, he has held solo exhibitions in Seoul and New York in 2022 after several domestic and international exhibitions.
Ppuri pays attention to the language of the digital age, where image generation and consumption dominate. By transferring the visual experience of virtual space to reality, the painter focuses on integrated image communication between reality and digital. Wrapped in images, his objects create eye-catching visuals balancing incongruity and harmony.
The artist transforms and distorts familiar images. The work process of applying airbrushed features on objects is similar to 'texture mapping' that 2d image files are applied to the surface of a 3d model in digital softwares. Through this process, he intends to smudge the boundaries between virtual and reality, and between analog and digital.
Ppuri created custom canvases and twisted grids to express a sense of spatial perception and the mood of science fiction in 2015. Since then, he has collaborated with new media artists to expand his works to various formats. Ppuri has taken a radical step in projecting Internet memes directly onto paintings and sculptures. Freshly renewed forms and unique contexts reflect the preferred image-based communication methods of modern society.
Through his artist journey, the artist sees the digital world as an extension of reality. Various media, forms, and places illustrate the boundary between reality and non-reality. In addition to paintings and sculptures, he continues colorful collaborations with emerging artists and holds exhibitions.


Ahn Taewon

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